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What's Involved?

Explore the four coaching modalities we can play with. If you would like a tailor-made experience, please contact Venus here



Who is this for?
Couples who want to
* invite a 3rd perspective into their relationship
* learn how to communicate better
* inject a new spark into their union
* explore their fantasies in a guided space

Couples Coaching provides a space to share your challenges, embody your fantasies and accept all of yourself. Wthin this process, we learn how to express ourselves more naturally.  

Book the Discovery Session - an introduction, or book the Couples Power - 3 sessions to create a safe powerful space together.  



Roleplay is a form of therapeutic psychotherapy that can help release shame and guilt. Roleplay can also be a vehicle to embody our fantasies and accept all of ourselves.

For couples/individuals who want to play & stimulate their imagination

Explore your fantasies with me, your sex coach, or experience a role you may not have the opportunity to experience IRL.

Interactive and immersive connections help you gain self-awareness, conquer insecurities and guide you to more natural erotic expression.  

Erotic Roleplay is simultaneously therapeutic and stimulating and orgasmic.




Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?
Are you seeking lust and passion in your life?


Individual Coaching provides a confidential space to share your challenges, gain expert advice and learn to accept all of yourself. Within this process, we joyfully discover aspects of ourselves we didn't know existed!

For Individuals who want want to unleash from restraints and boxes and explore their fullest potential.

Consent Game
Forgiveness Exercise
Confidence Building
Fantasy Exploration

Choose a Discovery Session or the Power Package, which allows us 3 sessions to unlearn and relearn. 

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Dive into a sensual space of breathwork and PC muscle activation, where we move our energy together and explore our energetic bodies. 

An immersive healing experience for individuals with a coach by your side. 

Who is this for?
Individuals who want to
* activate their erotic body
* learn how to breath to move their energy at will
* explore sensuality in a guided space

Pleasure Immersion provides a space to centre yourself, build Qi energy, and enjoy your sensational body through a guided self-touch experience. Within this process, you learn how to express yourself more naturally.  

Pleasure Immersion

Violet buddah.jpg


How do I make a booking?

  • Click on the circle above that you are most interested in

  • Follow the prompts and select a date & time

  • If you are booking a package, select the time and date of the first session and we will arrange times for the subsequent sessions in our first meeting

  • If there is no time that suits your schedule, contact us here and we can arrange something 

  • Once you have booked in we will send you an intake form to complete to begin our work together. 

How much does it cost? 

There is a range of programs and services, so the costs vary, starting at USD80. Click on the circles above on this page or have a look at all of our services hereContact via email for more detailed information.

Who is this for?

Anyone - individuals or couples who want to inject fresh energy into their lives. Men Women Non-binary.

Where do we meet?

We have a few options to connect, with today's technology. We can meet:

  • In VR 

  • In 2D with Zoom video call

  • Voice call through Discord

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